A Notice to Our Valued Customers:

House of Maya Bridal is presently in the process of a change in ownership. Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated.

While the store will be operating on limited hours and special appointment only, the priority is to reach out to and communicate with customers who are waiting on orders, are currently in the alterations process, or have merchandise to pick up, so their needs are met expeditiously.

If you are waiting on an order and/or have merchandise to pick up you may call 757-759-1673 and instructions will be provided to you on how and when to pick up your previously purchased merchandise. General inquiries can also be emailed to inquiries@houseofmayabridal.com

There will not be any new business conducted during this transition.

Your patience, cooperation, and understanding that the goal is to get every client their order, will move the change in ownership along in a seamless and timely fashion.