Tara LiebeckTo veil or not to veil? That is indeed the question on many a bride’s mind. I often hear brides wondering if a veil is for them, or what on earth the difference is between all these lengths. Let’s clear some of that up and talk a little bit about how important (or not) that extra layer of tulle can be to your wedding day look!

First off, let’s do the basics. From shortest to longest, here are some of the most common lengths that your veil can be:


Personally, I love the drama that a long cathedral length veil creates, but going all the way out definitely isn’t for everyone. And if that veil has an edge that extends past the end of the train on the actual dress? Perfection! But that’s just me. What kind of veil you wear very much depends not only on your personality and particular bridal “look,” but also on where your wedding is going to be.

Dragon - BlusherThe little piece that goes over your face is called the blusher, and it should sit around elbow length, if it’s a separate layer from the rest of your veil. These can be a little longer if your veil is all one piece of tulle, called a circle cut, which is another personal favorite of mine!

Of course, just because the blusher is there doesn’t mean you have to wear it. It can be perfectly pretty just to have the extra layer cascading behind you even if your “you may now kiss the bride” moment doesn’t include your fiancé lifting that extra layer back!

Amanda Manupella PhotographyGetting married outdoors or on the beach? Maybe you go short and simple with an elbow or fingertip length veil that flutters behind you while you say your vows.

Or, go chapel length or longer and really let it float in the air as you say “I do.

In a church or otherwise grand sort of venue? It’s hard to beat the romance of a chapel or cathedral length veil. Plus, nothing adds to the drama of these spaces like a long veil.

CephusRockin’ a short dress or sassy mermaid? These are the brides that love a birdcage or fascinator style headpiece for that little hint of vintage. Typically, the birdcage veil is worn over the eyes at an angle and is characterized by wide Russian netting.

Of course, if there’s something you like, go for it! It’s your day, and if you feel like your most beautiful self then that’s the most important thing and something I would wish for every bride making her trip down the aisle.

cath -church audrey rose photoYour veil can be the perfect place to sneak another pop of bling in if you’re of the mind that the more it sparkles the better. Alternatively, it’s also a perfect place to add another touch of lace to your look.

On that note, the veil can be a great place to incorporate a piece of that heirloom gown that mom just unboxed. But that’s a topic for another time!

Skeptic’s have been converted to believers by the bridal feeling of wearing a veil gives a woman. It’s hard not to have a little moment when the perfect dress is topped by this simple, little piece of fabric. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it can really make a huge difference in the vision of yourself going down the aisle.

Just like there’s all sorts of brides, there’s all sorts of headpieces, and there’s sure to be “the one” for you! Moral of the story, give veils a chance, you might just like one!

evie headshotMeet The Blogger:

Evie Gordon is a Bridal Stylist at House of Maya’s couture sample sales and upscale consignment location Privee Bride of Ghent in Norfolk, VA. She has been with House of Maya family as a stylist since April 2015, but began her journey in bridal as a weekend “runner” during high school. Evie is the face of Privee’s Facebook and Instagram, as well as a member of the creative team for House of Maya’s Annual Wedding Planner publication. She also has a soft spot for all things vintage, her cats, and old rock and roll. Her favorite bands include Zeppelin and Heart, and if she could hop in a time machine and go see all the biggest concerts in the 60’s and 70’s, she would in a heartbeat. She loves seeing brides’ dress visions come to life, and thinks there’s nothing more special than that moment when a bride realizes that she’s standing in “the one” she will walk down the aisle in!