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Something exceptionally beautiful happens when couples choose to incorporate their heritage, religion, and/or culture into their wedding day.  Highlighting one’s traditions and beliefs adds individuality that family and guests will be sure to admire and appreciate.

It is most common for couples to pay homage to their heritage, religion and culture during their ceremony and exchanging of vows.  Some brides and grooms bring in these particular aspects during their reception through catering choices, music selection or entertainment.  In my opinion, the most unique way to include cultural influences into your wedding day is through attire.


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The Wedding Party:
Barong Tagalog, an embroidered formal shirt which is considered the national dress of the Philippines, paired with dress slacks is a perfect look for groomsmen.  Indian Saris for bridesmaids are absolutely beautiful and add color and vibrance to a wedding celebration.


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The Groom:
Wedding attire typically centers around the bride in Western Culture but that’s not the case in other parts of the world. A Sri Lankan groom’s attire called a Nilame costume, consist of a hat, jacket, mul anduma, and shoes; all are made of plush, velvet fabric that is heavily embroidered with gold and silver thread. A proud groom of Scottish decent looks extremely dapper in Kilt and his family tartan can be added to his bride’s wedding gown.


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The Bride:
Some brides opt to change their look during their wedding celebration and wear the formal dress of their culture during their ceremony before donning the traditional American white or ivory wedding gown of satin, lace or organza for their reception.  Brides of Vietnamese decent wear ornait Áo dài, this gown is preferably in red or pink, and the bride usually wears a Khăn đóng headdress.  Nigerian brides can be seen in their traditional attire of Buba which is tied with an Iro and worn with a matching head wrap known as Gele.


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Bridal wear from different cultures are sometimes very eloborate however, little subtle touches can be integrated into your wedding attire that still pay homage to one’s customs. Mantilla veils are a simple and elegant way to incorporate Spanish culture into a wedding look and in Czech tradition the bridesmaids make a wreath of rosemary for the bride to wear which symbolizes the wish for wisdom, love, and loyalty.

There are so many ways to honor your culture by simply incorporating these details into your wedding attire.  Contact our Alterations/Custom Bridal Gowns department of House of Maya today.  Our lovely, talented seamstresses and in-house designers are eager and willing to come up with a fabulous, one-of-a-kind look for you and your bridal party.

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