Mix & Match Maids at House of Maya
Add Depth & Interest to Your Wedding Party Scape!

A forward from Maya~

I have changed the way we are dressing Bridesmaids at House of Maya! There will be no more “special ordering” of gowns for your Bridesmaids. That’s right, moving forward, there will be no more special order option for Bridesmaids at House of Maya. All of the Bridesmaids dresses made available to clients will be what is available in-house in hanging stock on the floor. Styles, colors, and sizes are being added daily, but our Bridesmaids are now all Mix & Match and Ready to Wear!

What is Mix & Match Maids? In our more than 12 years in business, we have found more often than not, 1-3 members of each party (with the average number of Bridesmaids being 5) struggle to wear the one style chosen by the Bride. Brides can be attempting to dress several different body types in their wedding party and it can be a challenge! Instead, we are now offering our clients the service of Mix & Match Maids. When you come to House of Maya, our in-house hanging stock bridesmaid dresses are ready to wear. What you see on the floor is what we have available in that size and color; all ready to take home that day. This immediate availability of gowns will also accommodate the Brides that need a quicker turn around time for their wedding date! #InstantGownIfication!

So what exactly does Mix & Match Maids mean for your shopping experience? Well, let me explain in a bit more detail. At House of Maya Bridal, we will no longer provide a special order service for our bridesmaid gowns. That said, if you wish to have all of your bridesmaids dressed in the same style gown, we simply would not be the right store for you. If you are looking for that type of service, we are happy to recommend some local places as well as some online options for you.

Why I chose to move to Mix & Match Maids? Our clients are now able to mix and match textures, styles, and colors and create a unique look for your party. Brides can now choose a color, and let the bridal party choose what style is most comfortable for them! Not only does it keep your bridesmaids feeling more confident, but it allows them to express their individuality a bit more as well. Further, it creates much more depth in your bridal party look which is great for pictures!

No Appointment Necessary to Shop for Maids at House of Maya There is no appointment necessary to shop for your bridesmaids dresses. Simply come on in and see what we have that will work for you and your squad! Cheers!

Looking for Flower Girl Dresses? Depth & Interest to Your Party Scape!

Designers Available

  • Bari Jay
  • Halley Paige Occasions
  • Sorella Vita
  • Joan Calabrese & more!

Looking for Flower Girl Dresses? Flower Girl Dresses at House of Maya also fall under the same format of ready to wear. We have many sizes and styles to choose from; all ready to take home with you the day of purchase. No appointment is necessary to shop for the little ones in your party. Simply come on in! See you soon! #InstantFlowerGirlGownification!

Tips for dressing your Bridesmaids beautifully

  1. Consider your gown and the overall theme of your wedding when selecting attire for your bridal party. You want every detail of your day to feel cohesive
  2. Consider the time of day of the wedding and the season it will take place. Both will play an important role in the style of gown you select.
  3. Pay attention to color. Chances are your bridesmaids will have a range of skin tones and hair colors. Try to choose a shade (or shades) that will be flattering for everyone.
  4. Consider the input from your party. They know what styles and colors look best on them, or what they should avoid. We suggest choosing a color, fabric and length from a particular designer and then giving your girls the option to wear what makes them feel pretty.
  5. Don’t forget it’s your day. While it’s lovely to take everyone’s feeling into account, these girls are there to support you and should be on board with choosing something that fits your vision.


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