Weddings are expensive and if you’re anything like me you like to cut costs and save money whenever possible. Here’s a list of 10 ways to reduce the amount you spend on your BIG day!

1. Keep your guest list small. Keep it intimate, the more people you invite the more money that you will have to account for invitations, party favors, thank you cards, food etc.

View More: http://aliszhatchphotography.pass.us/emily--david2. Book your venue for a weekday or Sunday. Saturday weddings will definitely cost you the most. If you go with an off season Sunday you’ll at least cut your expense by half.

3. Serve signature drinks only.  This way you don’t have to dish out extra money for an open bar.

4. Something borrowed, something new, something blue. Borrow everything you can in tradition… and save money 🙂

5. Use a flower that is in season. You may have had your dream wedding details flowersall picked out, such as the flowers. Make sure you pick a date for your wedding that the flowers will be in season or be open to choosing another flower!

6. Keep your rehearsal dinner casual. Maybe do a backyard BBQ, rather than renting out a spot or going to a restaurant and picking up everyone’s tab. This is just an added cost that you really don’t have to incur.

east beach7. Create a budget and stick to it. Set aside a specific amount of money for each section and stay true to that amount. Set priorities with your fiancé- if you go over in one area that is very important to you, that is fine, simply cut back on something that isn’t as special to the both of you!

8. Consider a consigned dress!  Making the choice to cut cost on your wedding is already a tough choice. To take the money away from your dress budget to divide it up for other cost is an even tougher one. Buying consignment is not a bad idea at all and it could even eliminate some of your stress in the end. Try House of Maya’s sample and consignment boutique, Priveè Bride of Ghent!

oyster farm9. Think off season. Instead of a spring or summer wedding think about late fall or winter. For a lot of venues this is off season and you could possibly cut your venue bill in half or more.

10. Go vintage for your wedding bands. Make the choice with your future spouse to go vintage on the wedding bands! They will save you money and they will be unique!



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